President’s Message

President’s Message

Maurice Duggins, MD, is a family medicine physician practicing at Ascension Medical Group, Via Christi St Joseph Family Medicine, and the 2023 president of the Medical Society of Sedgwick County. Dr. Duggins writes a monthly column that appears online and in the MSSC News newsletter.

November 2023 – “Early cooperation, advocacy set stage for today’s MSSC”

October 2023 – “Expanding Medicaid in Kansas is the right thing to do”

September 2023 – “Women physicians have long history in Wichita, MSSC”

August 2023 – “Outreach to young people key to reducing worker shortage”

July 2023 – “What to do for patients concerned about TCE exposure”

June 2023 – “Work in organized medicine, advocacy has no finish line”

May 2023 – “Need to be cautious about relying on artificial intelligence”

April 2023 – “Doc for a Day event part of increasing trust in medicine”

March 2023 – “MSSC and KMS physicians go to Washington”

February 2023 – “Kansas and its citizens suffer without Medicaid expansion”

January 2023 – “Calling of founding physicians remains true 120 years later”

E. Jeanne Kroeker, MD, is an internal medicine physician with the Kansas Physician Group and the 2022 president of the Medical Society of Sedgwick County. Dr. Kroeker writes a monthly column that appears online and in the MSSC News newsletter.

December 2022 – “MSSC made gains during past five years”

November 2022 – “How to survive in medicine and preserve our motivation”

October 2022 – “The donut philosophy: Don’t focus on the hole”

September 2022 – “Meeting at Doc Hangar will help ‘restore’ connections”

August 2022 – “Welcome, new students, residents and working physicians”

July 2022 – “Physicians don’t always master the art of communication”

June 2022 – “Many medical school graduates are not matching”

May 2022 – “Why does the death certificate say that?”

April 2022 – “Non-physicians trained to recognize the smoke, not the cause”

March 2022 – “MSSC members also bring care to people outside of Wichita”

February 2022 – “Understanding perspectives important to practice of medicine”

January 2022 – “Doctors need to be able to change their minds”

Stephen J. Grindel, DO, is a family practice physician with Primary Care Associates and the 2021 president of the Medical Society of Sedgwick County.

December 2021 – “COVID ups and downs dominate 2021”

November 2021 – “Another health consequence of the pandemic: weight gain”

October 2021 – “U.S. experiencing another epidemic besides COVID-19”

September 2021 – “Project Access is a shining light in our community”

August 2021 – “Physicians must be leaders in controlling spread of virus”

July 2021 – “COVID-19 added to pressures that physicians face”

June 2021 –  “Congratulations on medical school’s 50th anniversary”

May 2021 – “Keeper a fitting tribute to dedicated medical community”

April 2021– “Physicians, patients need help accessing mental health care”

March 2021 – “Team-based care can improve outcomes, lower costs”

February 2021 – “Physicians need to support public health workers”

January 2021 – “Physicians must lead by example on COVID-19 vaccine”

Patricia Wyatt-Harris, MD, is a retired obstetrics & gynecology specialist with Ascension Via Christi and the 2020 president of the Medical Society of Sedgwick County.

November 2020 – “GBTQ faced health care disparities before pandemic”

October 2020 – “We’ve come a long way on gender equality in the last century”

September 2020 – “Another transition during this unusual year – Retirement”

August 2020 – “We must care for ourselves as we care for our patients”

July 2020 – “‘Liamcam’ an unexpected good thing during pandemic”

June 2020 – “Medical community must advocate for health equity for all”

May 2020 – “Human touch has long been an important part of health care”

April 2020 – “Getting creative: Six-word stories might help us deal with stress”

March 2020 – “Physicians benefit most by following latest recommendations”

February 2020 – “Resources available in case of an in-flight medical emergency”

January 2020 – “When we come together as a team, we really are superheroes”

Michael Lievens, MD, is a physician with Kansas Gastroenterology, LLC and the 2019 president of the Medical Society of Sedgwick County.

November 2019 – “Thankful for the MSSC, the Wichita medical community, family”

October 2019 – “Leaders, including physicians, need to find solutions together.”

September 2019 – “How should docs take on overwhelming challenges? Together.”

August 2019 – “International medical graduates in Wichita create rich diversity”

July 2019 – “Medicine is a lonely profession; physicians need one another”

June 2019 – “AMA represents a wide range of interests and points of view”

May 2019 –  “Join me in being part of an amazing fundraiser for great cause”

April 2019 –  “Time for an honest report card on the electronic health record”

March 2019 – “Strong response by MSSC physicians impacts legislative bills”

February 2019 – “Time visiting with legislators forges sense of gratefulness”

January 2019 – “MSSC is important way to connect to, learn from one another”

Jed Delmore, MD, is a physician with Associates in Women’s Health and the 2018 president of the Medical Society of Sedgwick County.

November 2018 – “What we previously thought about learning has been rewritten”

October 2018 – “Project Access a ‘pro bono’ benefit to Sedgwick County”

September 2018 – “A modern medical condition: fiscal toxicity”

August 2018 – “Why aren’t women in charge of at least half of everything?”

July 2018 – “What would you tell Mom?”

June 2018 – “Suicide is difficult to talk about and impossible to ignore.”

May 2018 – “Aging is good for wine, but perhaps not for the Medical Society.”

April 2018 – “He is only MOSTLY dead. Not ALL dead.”

March 2018– “That is What We Do”

February 2018 – “Who here can draw?”

January 2018 – “I Love Your Pajamas”

Denis Knight, DO, was the MSSC President in 2017.

November 2017 – Drug Prices and Cost Transparency

October 2017  – A Tribute to Dr. Reddy

September 2017  – Maintenance of Certification

August 2017 – Work Together to Fix ACA

July 2017 – Carefully Monitoring Opiates