President’s Message

President’s Message

Stephen J. Grindel, DO, is a family practice physician with Primary Care Associates and the 2021 president of the Medical Society of Sedgwick County. Dr. Grindel writes a monthly column that appears online and in the MSSC News newsletter.

October 2021 – “U.S. experiencing another epidemic besides COVID-19”

September 2021 – “Project Access is a shining light in our community”

August 2021 – “Physicians must be leaders in controlling spread of virus”

July 2021 – “COVID-19 added to pressures that physicians face”

June 2021 –  “Congratulations on medical school’s 50th anniversary”

May 2021 – “Keeper a fitting tribute to dedicated medical community”

April 2021– “Physicians, patients need help accessing mental health care”

March 2021 – “Team-based care can improve outcomes, lower costs”

February 2021 – “Physicians need to support public health workers”

January 2021 – “Physicians must lead by example on COVID-19 vaccine”

Patricia Wyatt-Harris, MD, is a retired obstetrics & gynecology specialist with Ascension Via Christi and the 2020 president of the Medical Society of Sedgwick County.

November 2020 – “GBTQ faced health care disparities before pandemic”

October 2020 – “We’ve come a long way on gender equality in the last century”

September 2020 – “Another transition during this unusual year – Retirement”

August 2020 – “We must care for ourselves as we care for our patients”

July 2020 – “‘Liamcam’ an unexpected good thing during pandemic”

June 2020 – “Medical community must advocate for health equity for all”

May 2020 – “Human touch has long been an important part of health care”

April 2020 – “Getting creative: Six-word stories might help us deal with stress”

March 2020 – “Physicians benefit most by following latest recommendations”

February 2020 – “Resources available in case of an in-flight medical emergency”

January 2020 – “When we come together as a team, we really are superheroes”

Michael Lievens, MD, is a physician with Kansas Gastroenterology, LLC and the 2019 president of the Medical Society of Sedgwick County.

November 2019 – “Thankful for the MSSC, the Wichita medical community, family”

October 2019 – “Leaders, including physicians, need to find solutions together.”

September 2019 – “How should docs take on overwhelming challenges? Together.”

August 2019 – “International medical graduates in Wichita create rich diversity”

July 2019 – “Medicine is a lonely profession; physicians need one another”

June 2019 – “AMA represents a wide range of interests and points of view”

May 2019 –  “Join me in being part of an amazing fundraiser for great cause”

April 2019 –  “Time for an honest report card on the electronic health record”

March 2019 – “Strong response by MSSC physicians impacts legislative bills”

February 2019 – “Time visiting with legislators forges sense of gratefulness”

January 2019 – “MSSC is important way to connect to, learn from one another”

Jed Delmore, MD, is a physician with Associates in Women’s Health and the 2018 president of the Medical Society of Sedgwick County.

November 2018 – “What we previously thought about learning has been rewritten”

October 2018 – “Project Access a ‘pro bono’ benefit to Sedgwick County”

September 2018 – “A modern medical condition: fiscal toxicity”

August 2018 – “Why aren’t women in charge of at least half of everything?”

July 2018 – “What would you tell Mom?”

June 2018 – “Suicide is difficult to talk about and impossible to ignore.”

May 2018 – “Aging is good for wine, but perhaps not for the Medical Society.”

April 2018 – “He is only MOSTLY dead. Not ALL dead.”

March 2018– “That is What We Do”

February 2018 – “Who here can draw?”

January 2018 – “I Love Your Pajamas”

Denis Knight, DO, was the MSSC President in 2017.

November 2017 – Drug Prices and Cost Transparency

October 2017  – A Tribute to Dr. Reddy

September 2017  – Maintenance of Certification

August 2017 – Work Together to Fix ACA

July 2017 – Carefully Monitoring Opiates