January 2020

January 2020


At the MSSC annual meeting in December, members approved several bylaw changes, including the elimination of probationary membership status. The following are MSSC members who previously were on probationary status but are now active members:

Madan M. Acharya, MD
Khalid F. Afaneh, MD
John F. Anderson, MD, PhD
Veerayyagari Annapurna, MD
Samuel L. Ashby, DO
Ashley L. Barks, MD
Kirsten A. Bjorkman, MD
Jamie L., Borick MD
Alaa Boulad, MD
Kelsey S. Bourm, MD
Rachel M. Brown, MD
Lindsay J. Byrnes, MD
Brent Cameron, MD
Jose R. Cepeda, MD
John A. Childs, DO
Susanna Ciccolari Micaldi, MD
Charles W. Coffey, MD
Patrick G. Craig, DO
Melissa V. Cummings, MD
Megan A. Dingwall, MD
Rhanda M. Eboh, MD
Ayah M. Elbermawy, MD
John F. Evans, MD
Ryan N. Farmer, MD
Saba Fatima, MD
Lynn R. Fisher, MD
Cole M. Gillenwater,  MD
Claire E. Groskurth, MD
Peeyush Grover, MD
Caleb H. Harris, MD
Paige A. Harwell, MD
Salman A. Hasan, DO
Cynthia A. Hayek, MD
Thomas J. Hendricks, MD
Jonathan A. Jensen, MD
Stefanie M. Kempke, MD
Gary J. King, MD
Kimberly T. Krohn, MD
Phong T. Le, MD
Ricky W. Lee, MD
Shuo Li, MD
Colleen V. Loo-Gross, MD
Mark R. Mankins, MD
Scott J. McIntyre, MD
Scott D. McLaren, MD
Holly E. Montgomery, MD
Philip R. Montgomery, MD
Phuong V. Nguyen, DO
Andrew J. Ormond, MD
Chan J. Park, MD
Lindsey C. Peller, DO
Jennifer L. Pharris, DO
George J. Philip, MD
Shilpi Relan, MD
Nichole M. Riddel, MD
Lina A.M. Saadeh, MD
Rajesh K. Sadasivuni, MD
Alisa J. Schmidt, MD
Levi C. Short, MD
Michael L. Su, MD
Patrick Ters, MD
Vismay J. Thakkar, MD
Robert L. Ullom, MD
Locke D. Uppendahl, MD
Jose C. Velasco Di Domenico, MD
Danielle M. Villalobos, MD
Shravani R. Vindhyal, MD
Debra L. Wade, MD
Jarvis W. Walters, DO
Brady J. Werth, MD
Thomas A. Woltjer, DO
Maggie L. Woods, MD
Benjamin D., Young MD
Sarah M. Zorko, MD


Douglas P. Lewis, MD
[BC] Family Medicine
Ascension Medical Group Via Christi- Spirit
OFF: 613-5800
FAX: 768-8000
990 S George Washington Blvd, 67211
NPI: 1558366641

Cynthia I. Nash, MD
[BC] Family Medicine
Ascension Medical Group Via Christi St Francis Family Medicine
OFF: 858-3460
707 N Emporia, 67214
NPI: 1124143409